Founded in 1972 and re-established in 2012, our practice brings together the entrepreneurship of Rock Townsend’s founding partners with the enterprising attitude of a new generation of designers.

Our studio workshop is a place of craft, rigour and exploration. Young architects are given early responsibility, acting as apprentices to a connected way of thinking. The focus is on collective effort, an internal ethos reflected in our relationships with outside collaborators.

Our inheritance from those forward-looking founders is evidenced in the way that we go about our work. We try to consider each project from beyond the usual perspectives of architectural practice and, alongside our creative role, engage fully with the technical and commercial aspects of the design journey.

We strongly believe that architects are uniquely placed to enrich the process of making buildings, applying imagination and critical thinking to resolve practical problems into fitting solutions.

Our intent is to make apt buildings and active places which embody a long-term view about contextual change.

The resulting work has spirit and endures – not because it expresses our own architectural authorship, but because it carries the signature of the users, clients and communities to whom it belongs.


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Registered in England and Wales: Company Number: OC414870; Registered Address: The Old School, Exton Street, London. SE1 8UE