To uphold our zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery in any of Rock Townsend’s business activities or within the company’s supply chain.


This policy relates to the steps Rock Townsend takes to discharge its obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Rock Townsend has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery in all its forms: forced or compulsory labour, human trafficking or servitude. This policy sets out the steps the company takes to tackle modern slavery by providing transparency in our own business and throughout our supply chain.


Rock Townsend strives to maintain the highest standard of employee conduct and ethical behaviour. We encourage the confidential reporting of concerns related to the direct activities of our business; be it relating to an employee or any outside parties who do business with the company, such as clients, customers, contractors, consultants and suppliers. This is covered within our ‘Equal Opportunities & Dignity at Work Policy’.  

Rock Townsend has an established Purchasing Process within its ISO9001 registered Quality Management system. Within this system the company holds and maintains a Preferred Supplier List, ensuring all suppliers adhere to our policies and maintain the appropriate policies within their own organisations.

Our sub-consultants are appraised through a Consultants Competency Check questionnaire (RT_PF10) which is designed to include the evaluation of their adherence to the requirement of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Training is provided to all staff to assist with their continuous responsibility for implementing and monitoring all policies, including the compliance of the prevention of slavery and human trafficking in the company’s supply chain and activities.

This policy has been endorsed by, and has the full support of the Partners and the Management Team.  The policy was approved in January 2017 following consultation with senior managers and staff in December 2016.  Overall responsibility for the effectiveness of the policy lies with: Martin Howlett, Partner, Rock Townsend Architects LLP.


Martin Howlett


Date:  1st January 2017