At Upton the brief was to generate additional value on a consented outlined scheme whilst working within the Upton extension masterplan and Design Code.

Our solution focused on a ‘less is more’ approach. We managed a review and develop a new range of dwelling
types with interchangeable unit plans that enabled greater flexibility during the design process for both tenure and sales with the option for changes during the phased construction a realistic proposition.

Particular attention was paid to the rhythm of terraces, size and proportions of windows and doors and other elevational elements and honed the interiors to create clean, well lit, efficient layouts devoid of awkward returns.

The result was a scheme that provided attractive houses at a price point suited to the Upton market with robust materials and detailing. An additional 20 dwellings were added and the
re-balancing of flats in favour of houses delivered over £3m in value to the project.

The 289 new homes exceeded CfSH L4 by reducing further the Carbon emissions through a combination of fabric first approach and renewable energy source.

Starting on site in April of 2011, Phase 1 & 2 are now complete.

Client: Metropolitan Housing Partnership

Contractor: Lagan Homes

Value: £27m