The Observatory


Rock Townsend and designer-maker Felix McCormack have work in collaboration to create an observatory that not only absorbs itself its context but also allows discrete glimpses into the working life of an artist.

As an artist Felix described to the team how when working one need to feel at ease in the environment within the place that they work. He also explained how unobstructed views towards the landscape allowed for contemplation and inspiration.

By analysing the sites we realised the importance
of creating something that was in itself a spectacle that people would come to see, and therefore if we wanted people to come and experience this structure, we needed it to become a journey rather than a static experience.

We started with a cube as the most simple from
of geometry that would contrast with the natural

By taking this orthogonal form and splitting in two, it not only let two artist to work simultaneously, but also allows for a spectator to move between the two studios and glimpse

A cladding of two way mirrored glass would allow
us to create a series a viewing opportunities. An
unobstructed view out for the artist, a spectator with a fully immersed view into the studio environment and an external view of the structure with warped reflected views of the surround landscape.


Location: Dorset

Date: 2015