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Multi-use rooms

Group Learning Zone


Marylebone Campus

University of Westminster

The Marylebone Project sought to transform the University of Westminster's campus in a manner not seen since the building was completed in the early 1960s. Overall the project sets the standard in central London for how a University can respond to the needs of 21st century students.

The masterplan is centered on the ‘Learning platform’ concept: a new 1,200m² flexible, high specification and fully integrated social learning environment. Providing a range of formal and informal learning and social spaces to encourage interaction, study and discussion the Learning Platform links to further new and upgraded facilities including a new lecture theatre, seminar and tutorial spaces, library, high quality dining and refreshment facilities, exhibition and administration spaces.

Client: University of Westminster

Contractor: Vinci Construction UK Limited

Size: 10,660 sqm

Value: £20m