Paradise Fields

Hemel Hempstead

Our proposal looks to work with the land gradient, retain the mature trees, optimise the short and long views and frame views through from Paradise Fields.  

Each of the 4 buildings will have a different connection to the immediate and distant landscape and town.  A and B will benefit from the long view out to Boxmoor and the canal whilst C and D will connect directly to Paradise Field all with communal landscape space that blur the visual boundaries between public and private amenity.

Our proposal is for four buildings, similar in plan, arranged at different levels on the site all with under-croft parking used to negotiate the changes in levels within each building footprint.  Working with the topography and by cutting into the ground with the proposed parking strategy, the landscape should appear to run through the site with parking screened or hidden from Paradise Fields.

This use of the terrain helps to discreetly accommodate the parking and could be done cost effectively without the expense of a full basement.  The result is the potential for an increase in the number of new homes on the site and the optimisation of a limited resource so close to the town centre.  This initial mix suggests 98 flats across 4 buildings, all served by 122 parking space (106 under-croft and 16 surface).

The four buildings each comprise an identical lift and stair core and structural grid for maximum efficiency.  The mix of dwellings can vary according to desired dwelling types but the net to gross (excluding car parking) is 90:10.  Each building rises a different number of floors and accords with the parking that is located within the under-croft.  The change in height adds visual interest and responds to the terrain to ensure Paradise Fields and the overall townscape is not dominated by 4 identical buildings.

The secure parking is layered into the topography so that the amount of excavation is minimised to small cutting/terracing of the hillside.  The buildings meanwhile sit flush with the land adjacent to each entrance.

Description: 47 one bedroom and 51 two bedroom apartments across 4 buildings with undercroft/basemnet parking


GIFA: 7,530SM (81,054SF) excl. parking

Value: -

Status: 0-2 [2018]

Client: Competition Dacorum Borough Council

RT team: Domnica Chisca