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The catalyst for wider regeneration

South Leytonstone masterplan

South Leytonstone masterplan


Montague Road & South Leytonstone Regeneration


This masterplan looks specifically at a particular site in the borough and how, if looked at differently, it could improve the offer currently being proposed and moreover could deliver something much bigger than a ‘quick fix’ to a specific problem.

Fred Wigg and John Walsh towers on Montague Road in Leytonstone are currently under review for redevelopment. It is for this site that this paper proposes an alternative that could generate Waltham Forest a capital receipt, regenerate an uninspiring neighbourhood and bring a new dynamic to the borough to compliment neighbouring regeneration projects.

The ‘what if’ was if you increase the density of the site rehouse all the residents and more... introduce new families and residents to Leytonstone improve the existing street scenes provide secure parking provide sufficient space for a new school and provide much more... up to 550 new homes and parking spaces 5,200SqM of additional space for a school the start of something bigger, more sustainable!

The objective was for the investment to be retained by LB. Waltham Forest for reinvestment in the wider area...

Description: The redevelopment of John Walsh & Fred Wigg towers and the wider regeneration of South Leytonstone

Site: 0.66Ha

GIFA: 46,800 SM (503,750 SF)

Value: -

Status: Stage 0-2 2015

Client: Bid to Waltham Forest Homes

RT team: Richard Watson