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Minster House


At Minster House, our brief was to replace the existing retirement home with up-to-date accommodation for the over 55s.

The existing site is currently occupied by 30no. self contained flats and 11 bungalows set around a courtyard with a limited amount of parking.

The new development will comprise of 90no. one/two bed units each with their own private balcony. The five-storeys of residential accommodation will be linked to a one-storey common area, providing a range of facilities for the residents in generous shared social space.  Parking and cycle storage will also be provided. Courtyards and the surrounding area will be landscaped to offer maximum green space.

The building is being design to high quality modern standards guided by the HAPPI principles.  It will provide up to date accommodation with an emphasis on social life and accessibility for the residents, maximising links to the nearby town and utilising the local woodland and surrounding landscaping for recreation and leisure.

Description: 90 new homes for over 55s



Value: £20m

Status: Stage 3 - Planning

Client: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

RT team: Giulia Simone; Raffaele Trabace; Sally Thompson