Lacoste Offices


Lacoste Chaussures Paris were moving to a new office and showroom so they invited Rock Townsend to make the space reflect their high end brand.

During the first visit to the site, we noticed that behind the plasterboard and suspended ceilings was a raw industrial space with a vaulted brick soffit and steel columns with detailed capitals. We decided that we should celebrate and expose the nature of the building. But in stark contrast to the rough aesthetic, we inserted clean & minimalist, brand appropriate insertions to help zones the spaces.
— Tim Robinson, Project Architect

The space was intended to be kept as open as possible with glazed offices pushed to the edge of the space to maximize the open plan office.

In the showroom, the use of brand details and product immersion was key to the design. The crisp white insertions identify the different sectors and Lacoste ‘pique’ inspired the shoe displays, an innovative and interesting way of displaying the product. In the women's section of the showrooms, an innovative banquet seat allows the user to be surrounded by eye line level product.   

Client: Lacoste Chaussures

Location: Paris, France

Value: €150,000

Contractor: Meubles Hay

Completion: July 2015

Photography: Matt Clayton