Goffs Academy


Goffs Academy is a mixed 11-18 comprehensive with approximately 1300 students, and was one of the four HLR schools built under the PSBP.  

We worked closely alongside senior school staff in the early stages of the design to understand their key priorities for the new school.  Staff were keen to incorporate the specific brand and identity of Goffs into the design for the new building, to nurture a greater feeling of unity and belonging within the school community.  Our design therefore includes a careful balance between branding, and the standardised design common to this batch of HLR schools.  Key colours were chosen and the Goffs logo incorporated into both interiors and the exterior of the building. 

Goffs school has a special interest in literature and the Head was keen for various literature-themed school mottos to be worked into the design.  We worked alongside the signage consultants to incorporate these into the school interiors.

Another key requirement was that of passive supervision so the school could maintain its reputation as a friendly and trusting environment for students while remaining a safe place.  Our design enables informal supervision to take place in all areas of the school, including circulation areas, staircases and WCs.  Student and staff surveys show that the new building has led to a greater feeling of safety.

Value: £15m

Completed: March 2017

Client: Interserve Plc

Planning Consultant: Vincent + Gorbing

Structural Eng.: Arup

Landscape Arch.: Fabrik

RT Team: Daniel Goldenberg, Martin Howlett, Peter Phillips, Richard Sharp, Richard Shepley, Sally Thomson