Bike Love with Pete!

Lots of us cycle to work at Rock Townsend, so here's a little case study of one man's relationship with his bike!


Have you got a name for your bike? Apparently, it was called Walter, but given I have replaced everything but the frame, forks and handle bar, we at best could call him Wally.

Why did you start cycling to work? I don’t like walking and the taxi money was getting silly

How far do you commute? Not far but it would take 35min to walk

What’s the best and worst thing about cycling to work? Great way to wake up in the morning, get the blood pumping. I have ridden every (work) day since having the bike and when the weather is bad, even on a short ride you can get very wet

How long have you had your bike? Almost 2 years

What’s your favourite bike accessory? Or part? Well I have put a quite bit of work into it so it’s hard but probably clipless pedals

Where do you most like to cycle? Can’t really answer this because, on this bike, I only do my work ride