Future Classrooms and SMART Teaching

Rock Townsend is currently working with the University of Westminster on a five-year programme of ‘Future Classroom’ refurbishments designed to facilitate SMART teaching. The programme started with 25 refurbishments in the summer of 2015 and will continue with a further 42 this summer.


In a recent article in universitybusiness.co.uk Professor Gunter Saunders, Director of Internet and Education Technology Services, and Federica Oradini, Senior Lecturer in e-Learning, both from the University of Westminster, describe the project and how it will support SMART teaching.

The project responds to the fact that the internet and digital technologies, whilst having a transformational impact on many other industries, has not had a significant impact on teaching in universities.  

SMART teaching is aimed at making technology part of the physical space to enable students to become active participants in their classroom learning. The environment must be adaptable and enhanced by technology to give students the ‘props’ that let them experiment and learn from each other.

We worked closely with the university and each faculty to develop designs that accommodate and encourage this teaching whilst being appropriate to the context of each subject.

To learn more about the future classrooms project and SMART teaching read the full article here.