Berghaus HQ


RT worked with Berghaus to transform their existing Sunderland HQ into a re-invigorated workspace that supports openness and improves communication between teams, enhances sustainability and showcases the brand’s technical product innovation, performance and heritage.

At the heart of the strategy is the need for the various teams to communicate and interact more effectively, achieved through a radical reorganisation of spaces, removal of acres of solid plasterboard and a simple deployment of materials and components which opens the building up.

The project rejuvenates the 2 storey building through purging the existing '90's tired fit-out and expressing all existing and new services, structure and components in a more honest, raw way, offering a fabulous new entrance, light and spacious working zones, a range of modern glazed meeting areas/rooms, a flexible state of the art lighting and ventilation strategy, contemporary staff facilities and a unique garment conveyor transporting the latest designs around the whole building.

The concept plays with the idea of cave and glacier, with the perimeter work space emulating the clean, freshness of a modern workspace, whilst the central core of meeting and executive rooms express a more intimate, domestic feel, providing a soft-lit retreat from the raw functionality and brightness of the main space.

Client: Berghaus

Location: Sunderland, UK

Value: £1.2m

Completed: November 2015