Further Education projects - our approach...

We understand the unique civic nature of further education colleges. They are important facilities within the local community that provide an open and accessible environment for post-16 students and adults to come together to learn. This link to the community extends to local businesses, playing a key role in training skilled people to meet current and future industry needs and providing new career opportunities.

 Our approach to designing further education facilities therefore focuses on meaningful integration into the urban context, strong connections to the local community and reflecting the civic nature in the architectural language. This approach has informed the core concepts of many of our projects which, when also tailored to the unique curriculum and ethos of each college, results in places with a distinctive identity that act as a signpost for learning.

 We collaborate closely with our clients and project partners to deliver buildings that are sustainable, efficient to operate and maintain and adaptable for the future. We aim to achieve this whilst addressing the specific needs of both academic and vocational learning and whilst incorporating the social learning spaces that foster a sense of pride and community within the college itself.

Every local authority in London should have one of these – it makes you want to enrol in a course just to be able to use the building.
— Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London. The Kilburn Centre opening, September 2007.