Community projects - our approach...

Community facilities play an important role in our towns and cities, providing a range of services and opportunities for people to come together for support, learning and recreation. Our experience ranges from stand-alone visitor centres to multi-purpose, inner-city youth and community centres that form part of a mixed-use development.

 Our design approach starts with understanding the people that the facility serves, whether that be the community as a whole or specific groups such as young people who are vulnerable and at risk. The needs of the community and the social and cultural context inform our design decisions along with careful consideration of the financial viability of construction and long-term operation.

 We have designed successful facilities that provide value for money for the operating organisation, Trust or Charity, while always seeking to create an appropriate landmark within the local area that celebrates the support and opportunities that are available.

As Lord Mayor I have done many speeches, but one of the highlights has been coming here last year to show my support for the building of the new Osmani Centre. Now I am proud to be talking to you standing here in this wonderful new building.
— Alderman Sir Michael Bear, Lord Mayor of the City of London and a patron of Osmani Trust - Osmani Centre opening, February 2012