Commercial work - our approach...

The workplace is a constantly evolving landscape; one that responds to changing patterns of work, organisational and individual aspirations, technology, environmental awareness, design trends and the broader social and cultural context. Our approach to designing for this dynamic environment starts with the brand; using the unique ethos of an organisation as a collection of people and values to inform each design decision.

 The result is an environment that moves beyond traditional workplace design and a one-dimensional application of corporate visual identity, to a place that embodies an organisation’s ethos in every aspect of the working environment and therefore supports and encourages behaviour that reinforces that ethos.

 Each workplace becomes unique while also addressing specific objectives, whether that be increased efficiency, collaboration, creativity, wellbeing or simply raising brand loyalty amongst staff and customers. Each proposal seeks to gain the best value from the budget at the outset, recognising the importance of the balance between initial capital investment with ongoing lifecycle costs.

 From new headquarters buildings to discrete refurbishments and temporary installations, we enjoy working closely with client and users to deliver places that not only work effectively, but that feel good and promote the brand.

I told you that I wanted to have the best office in Britain. One has ambitions but one never expects to achieve them. Thank you so much for all that you and your gang have done.
— Stephen Rubin, Chairman of the Pentland Group - The Pentland Centre